President’s Page

stu_lewisPresident’s Page

Hello, my name is Stu Lewis. I would like to welcome you and thank you for visiting the Cedar Ridge Plantation web site.

Cedar Ridge Plantation is the result of approximately 20 years of hard work and research by a very dedicated group of members. We take our hunting and hunting ethics very serious but at the same time take great pride in the friendliness and the “no stranger” attitude of our members. There are only good surprises and no disappointments concerning our hunt club. We strongly suggest anyone interested in joining a first class professionally managed hunt club come and see us before making any decisions.

All Cedar Ridge Plantation tracts are managed for whitetail deer hunting
under the following objectives:

1. Enhance habitat conditions to provide optimal nutritional resources throughout the year.
2. Balance the adult buck to doe ratio.
3. Keep hunting pressure to a minimum.
4. Create and maintain a buck age structure to allow the harvest of mature bucks (4 ½ years and older).
5. Harvest an adequate number of does to balance the herd size with habitat conditions.
6. Provide safe, family friendly hunting conditions for members of Cedar Ridge Plantation

Cedar Ridge Plantation has occasional openings but they are quite limited. We are looking for members who believe in Quality Deer Management guidelines and have ethical and legal standards as part of their daily hunting strategy.

If you are interested in taking the tour, contact us and we will set up an appointment after a short interview on the phone.

Remember, no disappointments.

Stu Lewis
President and General Manager