Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What makes CRP so special?

A. CRP has been aggressively managing its deer herds for over fifteen years. We have three very large contiguous tracts of land. The buck to doe ratio of our deer herd is an honest 1 buck to 1.4 does. (Unheard of in the South) We practice low-impact hunting and do not overpressure our deer herd. We limit our membership. We dedicate approximately 1/3 of our land to sanctuaries and bucks never have to run more than 300 yards to feel safe. No people are ever allowed in sanctuaries. We have over 100 acres of quality food plots and only allow mature bucks to be harvested from them. We have over 100 permanent stands in place. Our deer and habitats are professionally managed.

Q. Why is CRP so expensive?

A. Like everything else in life you get what you pay for. All revenue from membership fees goes back into the club to benefit its members. None of the management staff of CRP is paid. CRP owns all its equipment over $150,000 worth. Food plots run from $300 to $500 per acre to plant and maintain. We have over 100 acres in food plots. (See food plot pictures) We have a real inventory of mature bucks (over 60 unique mature buck pictures, that is bucks 41/2 years or older were taken during the 2014 camera survey) that took several non productive years to produce. We have over 125 stands in place. We have one of the finest Members Lodges in the South. We pay top dollar on our leases to insure the best hunting land possible. We keep membership at a minimum. We are 100% dedicated to providing the highest quality hunt possible for your dollar.

Q. Am I guaranteed to harvest a mature buck every year.

A. No, but you are guaranteed the best opportunity possible to get the biggest buck for your  investment, hunting in a fair chase environment. You will see plenty of bucks and your odds are greatly improved hunting CRP property.

Q. Can my son harvest a young buck if it is his first buck on CRP property?

A. No. But we have many friends with property and we will try to help make that possible if you want. We only harvest mature bucks at CRP (4 1/2 yrs. and older) No exceptions. We have produced an aging video that will help those who need it to learn to age bucks on the hoof.

Q. I am not the greatest hunter in the world, will I fit in.

A. Yes. If you are willing to learn we will work with you and or any family member. We have a mentoring program that works quite nicely.

Q. Am I guaranteed a membership once I give my deposit.

A.  No. We go thru an interview process to make sure the fit is right for both parties. If something doesn’t work out for either party during the interview process the deposit is 100% refunded.

Q. What is the policy for family members hunting?

A. Immediate family members living in the same household are allowed to hunt. Active Military Duty immediate family members are always welcome.

Q. Are Guests Allowed?

A. We do not encourage guests but do allow them at a fee.

Q. What does QDMA or QDM stand for?

A. QDMA stands for the Quality Deer Management Association. This is a national organization that helps set the standards to maintain a healthy and strong Whitetail Deer Herd. (Visit www.qdma.com) QDM stands for Quality Deer Management.

Q. Has CRP ever put any bucks in the SC state record book?
A. Yes, in 2012 we harvested three bucks that will go into the record book and in 2014 we harvested one.  (See buck pictures)

Q. Do you hunt over bait?
A. Not for deer. We do hunt mature bucks in food plots and we will use bait to hunt hogs. We do not use dogs to hunt live deer. We do however have an outstanding tracking dog.